Hi, I'm Lisa

I’m the Canberra mum and professional and practicing counsellor that is behind the Up & About Mothers’ Group.

As much as I enjoyed mother’s groups, dare I say it…I found them a bit less stimulating! 

As a naturally curious person, I was keen to find out about what professional skills and past lives these awesome mamas had. Plus how I could get them to share their knowledge so I could apply them to my new role (as mum) and my family.

I’m all about helping our Canberra community get ‘up & about’ and am proud to have a great bunch of small business mums that are passionate about their expertise and want to uplift other women.

Let’s learn from each other, unlock the baby brain, share our ups (and downs) and make some new friends (and supports).  

Join us.

And if you need some support with life’s hurdles or motivation to kickstart something amazing, come chat to me at The Upside of Me.

Not quite fitting in with the usual mother's groups?

I get it. I didn't either!

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