Got questions?

Can I bring my baby with me?

Pleeeease!  YES, although we focus on you, this is about being with your baby too. We’re flexible about sitting down with bub, holding, standing up and nursing at the table. Do what works for you.

Is there an age restriction with my baby?

We ideally cater for mums with babies that aren’t walking. This is so you are not chasing a child about and can have some time for you to be waited on. 

Are you going to sell me stuff?

No! We’re not into hard selling. Our group is about SHARING knowledge via our different sharers and each other. Our team are qualified professionals in their areas.

Is there entertainment or toys for the babies?

No. Other than lots of different smiling faces, colours, sounds and fresh air! This isn’t a playgroup with toys.

Are there baby changing facilities?

It’s basic so be prepared but there are bathrooms at the cafe.

What will the sharers give me?

Knowledge and some mental stimulation. It’s up to you what you take in.  They’ll also give you some information to take home and some will provide incentives.

Can I change my coffee order?

Hey we all change our minds. You can, however as they’re pre-ordered for you so it’s ALL about you, just let us know the day prior.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes.  The cafe has options. Let us know when you sign up or if things change for you.

Can we eat at the venue?

Sure can. A pre-ordered hot beverage will be served to you however, should you wish to add something more go for it.  You can easily order and pay for more on the morning.

What if I don't want to walk?

Being outside is super good for your mental health but if you’re not up to it, no problem.  Just meet us at the cafe.

What if it rains?

It’s Canberra so that’s quite possible.  We’ll send a text message out on the morning and just meet up at the cafe.

What if we're running late?

We have about a 10min window before we stroll to the venue. Alternatively, you can rendezvous with us at the cafe. Once we’re at the cafe we won’t wait for you.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Sure do.  What a fab and thoughtful gift.  If you know of a mum-to-be or a new mum you can pre-purchase a group for them. Just ask via the contact page.

Can dad's come too?

We love dads! Our group is tailored for mums, mainly as the sharers for each week talk about things specific to our mum bodies etc, as well as other topics. BUT we run a Pro Dads Program.

What if I don't show up, cancel or are unwell?

Firstly we’re here to support you so REACH OUT. We are COVID health trained & all take the necessary precautions.  See Terms & Conditions for the specific details that relate to your situation.

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