Our Team

Our Up & About Mothers' Group team is made up of passionate experts


The Upside of Me


I’m Lisa, a wife and mum of three, a qualified counsellor and the one who joins mums through the Up & About Mothers’ Group.  I support wonderful women to shift their worries and concerns so they can overcome life’s challenges. I help mums do this by assisting them to unpack and make sense of their story plus work together on simple skills and strategies so they get back to being on the upside. 


Feel Good Motherhood


I’m Alison, a mum, nutritionist, and lover of almond croissants. I support women on their motherhood journey, with simple nutrition and self-care advice. I help new mums know exactly what to eat for their own wellbeing and the development of their baby. Because motherhood gets to feel good. And you don’t have to do it alone. 


Caitlin Butt Naturopathy


I’m Caitlin, a mum of two and  an anxiety and women’s wellness naturopath. My aim is to provide education, support and confidence by looking at the whole person through the eyes of naturopathy. We work together examining your current stressors, medical and food deficiencies, and lifestyle. I provide you with a mix of techniques, dietary changes and herbal medicine that gives you the best outcome.


The Goodnight Theory

Sleep Consultant

I’m Ellie, a mum of two, an Infant and Child Sleep Specialist and an experienced Registered Nurse. I assist parents to learn the skills required to teach their babies how to sleep and give them the power to establish the kinds of sleep patterns they need in their own families. Being a mother too, I know with sleep we grow and thrive, both bubbas and parents.  


Yoga Fitness Mums

Yoga Instructor

I’m Sharn, a wife and a mum of two and a qualified yoga teacher specialising in women’s health including pre and postnatal yoga. My online classes help women during their pregnancy to stay strong and comfortable and prepare them for birth. After baby has arrived I focus on healing and safely restoring your core, pelvic floor and posture, and provide self-care advice to stay balanced through the motherhood journey.

Bittersweet Cafe Kingston

Our venue

As a local Kingston institution, Bittersweet Cafe offers a great selection of breakfast, lunch and takeaways. It’s location in Kingston Square ensures visitors experience the outdoors and cosy spots inside.  Bittersweet uses local and free-range produce AND produces it’s own coffee beans!

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