Our Team

Our Up & About Mothers' Group team is made up of passionate experts


The Upside of Me


I’m Lisa, a wife and mum of three, a qualified counsellor and the one who joins mums through the Up & About Mothers’ Group.  I support wonderful women to shift their worries and concerns so they can overcome life’s challenges. I help mums do this by assisting them to unpack and make sense of their story plus work together on simple skills and strategies so they get back to being on the upside. 


Pura Vida Behavioural Nutritionalist

Non-Diet Nutritionalist

I’m Kristen, a mum, an accredited dietician, and expecting baby number two soon. I support women on their motherhood journey, to establish a healthy relationship with food and give them freedom from diet cycles and unnecessary food rules. I help new mums know exactly what to eat for their own wellbeing and the development of their baby. Because motherhood gets to feel good. And you don’t have to do it alone. 


Bub & Me Physio


I’m Natalie, a mum of one and  the director of Bub & Me Physio plus Origin Physiotherapy & Wellness in Deakin. I am particularly passionate about helping and empowering women in their childbearing years, whether this be during their pregnancy or after the birth of their baby. Bub & Me Physio runs tailored pre and post natal exercise classes to maintain your strength and function during pregnancy and beyond.


The Upside Collective


As well as running The Upside of Me Counselling, Up & About Mothers’ Group, I also bring women together at The Upside Collective.  This is a group of professional women who support women and their families. The Collective provides speech therapy, dietetics, counselling and coaching, mediation and child inclusive mediation.


Nourish Baby Sleep

Infant & Child Sleep Consultant

Hello, I’m Meg, a mum of two little girls, a registered nurse and I’m currently training to become a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. I am passionate about the postpartum experience, maternal mental health and family wellbeing.  I want to empower families with the knowledge I have learnt about sleep and the postpartum journey. I believe in nourishing, responsive settling that is tailored to the individual.

Bittersweet Cafe Kingston

Our venue

As a local Kingston institution, Bittersweet Cafe offers a great selection of breakfast, lunch and takeaways. It’s location in Kingston Square ensures visitors experience the outdoors and cosy spots inside.  Bittersweet uses local and free-range produce AND produces it’s own coffee beans!

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